Preparing for McKinsey’s Problem Solving Test

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Preparing for McKinsey's Problem Solving Test

The hiring process at McKinsey is different from other top-tier consulting firms and there is no way to get around their infamous case study interview. This quantitative test is designed to gauge your ability to analyze and solve problems under pressure. Candidates who pass the initial resume screening are required to complete the McKinsey Problem Solving Test (PST), so if you want to land a job with this prestigious firm, diligent preparation is your key to passing this challenge.

Numerical Reasoning Test Preparation for Management Consulting

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A numerical reasoning test measures not only your mathematical skills but more importantly the way you analyze data, interpret graphical presentation and generate logical solutions based on digits. Since this is important in management consulting, read this article to know how to improve your numerical test performance.

Abstract Reasoning Tests in Management Consulting

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As an applicant for a management consulting position, you might wonder why you are asked to take an abstract reasoning test. At first glance, the items don’t seem to have a practical connection to the nature of the job you’re applying for. To give you a clear understanding on what this test is all about, read this article.

Practice Your Math Skills Everywhere

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Sitting in a coffee shop now and just had a discussion with a friend about how people best can utilize their time when preparing for interviews. It hit me just how much we all can actually use our everyday situations to our advantage. Especially a thing like practicing math skills, which is essential for consulting. Read more…

How To Ace Consulting Firms’ Numerical Reasoning Tests

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Behavioral interview questions and case study interviews allow top management consulting firms insight into how the candidate functions when presented with different problems. However, to have a solid quantifiable metric, some consulting firms do ask the candidates to take numerical reasoning tests. Read on…

Ace a Consulting Verbal Reasoning Test

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If you are great at taking tests, you may not feel too concerned about the verbal reasoning assessment common to some management consulting firms. However, even great test takers may find that they need to figure out new strategies. Read more about verbal reasoning tests in consulting…

Ace a Consulting Firm’s Written Test

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There are a number of factors that affect your candidacy when you apply to a top management consulting firm. While some worry about their ability to think on their feet during case interviews, others feel like they are bad test takers. Read more about written tests…

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