Consulting Resume and Cover Letter Feedback

We can provide you with feedback on your consulting cover letter and resume helping you stand out, create impact, and land an interview with a management consulting firm.

For every consulting position, consulting firms receive countless applications. There is no margin for error in your cover letter and resume. Here are the most common mistakes:

  • Too little emphasis on important consulting qualities
  • Irrelevant information that blurs the picture of you
  • Bad structure, making it hard to find the necessary information
  • Uninspiring and unprofessional design
  • A lack of a clear storyline explaining your consulting ambitions

Read on and let us help you improve your application package and increase your chances of landing an interview.


You Should Invest Time and Thought in Your Management Consulting Application

Apart from selling yourself your application package should also demonstrate superb written communication skills. Due to the tremendous competition, you should consider spending some time carefully finalizing and polishing your application.

Also, you should have someone else look through your application. This could be a management consultant, recruiter or we can help you if you don’t have a connection right now that can help you. Here are some questions that others probably can answer much better than you can:

  • Do you sell yourself well enough showing that you have the critical skills that management consultants need?
  • Are you catching the recruiter’s interest effectively?
  • Have you shown that you are the right fit for this consulting firm?
  • Have you illustrated your responsibilities and results clearly and quantitatively?
  • Have you shown superb written communication skills?

Our review team can easily spot the holes in your application and help you improve it.


What Will You Get In Our Review?

  • Report with Detailed and Actionable Feedback
    Our feedback is normally 4-6 pages long and we will send it to you in a structured report. The feedback is very detailed and actionable making it easy for you to edit your application. We will let you edit the application, and instead spend our time providing you with high-impact feedback.

  • Our Honesty
    We will be completely honest and direct in our feedback. You are not purchasing this feedback so that we can tell you that everything is all right.
  • Help With Any Questions
    After you receive the feedback, we will help you with any questions you have. We’d also be happy to take a second look after you have included our feedback.


We Will Review Your Cover Letter and Resume Within 48 Hours

Once you have placed the order, you will be able to upload your cover letter and resume. We accept Word files, PDF files, and Google Docs. Once we have received your files, we will confirm with you. Our review team will review your documents within 48 hours (on business days). Regardless of the format of your application, you will receive a detailed report with comments about what you should change in your application. Now you should use our comments to make the necessary changes in your application. We are happy to help you with any further questions you have and make an extra review to be sure you implemented the changes.
“I purchased the Resume Review Service after having been unsuccessful with 3 top-tier consulting companies. The advice from ConsultingFact hit the mark, making my “good” resume great. Now, the content of my resume is extremely focused and targeted. ConsultingFact also gave useful advice on the visual appeal of the document to highlight key information. I only wished I had used this service earlier.”
Krishna Dermawan, Sydney, Australia


Leverage the Experience of our Team was founded in 2010 by a former McKinsey consultant and MBA graduate. Our Consulting Job Academy, our guides and expert advice have helped many applicants through their management consulting application processes. We maintain a strong network with current and former consultants so that we keep our fingers on the pulse of trends and developments in consulting recruiting.

Our Review Service will help you push your application to the next level and provide you with valuable advice on what you should focus on. Let us leverage our expertise and help you achieve your career goals.

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48 Hours Guarantee on Cover Letter and Resume Review ServiceWe guarantee that you will receive the feedback by email within 48 hours on business days. If we miss this deadline, you will get a full refund. Questions? Get in touch.