Consulting Resume and Cover Letter Guide

  • The competition for management consulting positions at top-tier consulting firms such as McKinsey, Bain, BCG, and Booz is tough. Only a small fraction of applicants land a job after going through the gruelling recruiting process.
  • Does your application stand out? Your resume and cover letter need to be superior to your competitions’. Remember, you are competing with the best of the best.
  • Our Guide to Consulting Resumes and Cover Letters will guide you step-by-step in how to write an impressive, eye-catching resume and cover letter. The guide also contains several samples so you can get started right away!

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We will help you overcome the challenges

Top Tier Management Consulting FirmsWe help many applicants prepare their applications for top-tier consulting firms. Over and over we see lots of issues that make it almost impossible to land a consulting interview. You wouldn’t believe the level of competition to land a consulting job at one of the top-tier firms, such as McKinsey, BCG, Bain or Booz. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much for your application to be trashed by the recruiter.

Below are the typical challenges that applicants face and how our Resume and Cover Letter Guide will help you solve them.


How our guide will help you?

Not knowing where to start, because you feel overwhelmed to write a cover letter and resume for such a competitive job Providing a step-by-step guide that will have you started immediately. We will advise you section by section and provide you with examples, both good and bad.

For example, we go in-depth with the first section in your cover letter, which is very important.

Not being sure whether your background, education, experience, and skills are enough to land an interview Most applicants underestimate or forget to include parts of their background that are essential to an effective consulting application. Sure, it will be easier for you to get a job at McKinsey if you are a Harvard MBA graduate, but you can still get a job at McKinsey even if you are not; therefore, you need to include all relevant information in your application.

This guide will help you identify your educational achievements and show you how to highlight your experience and skills. How you communicate these in your application is extremely important. We provide you with many practical examples so you know what works and what doesn’t.

Writing a boring cover letter that does not create any impact with the recruiter Cover letters are your chance to tell a story.

Especially if you have some shortcomings (like a low GPA), then it is absolutely crucial that you demonstrate other skills and abilities that compensate for your shortcomings.

We will help you write cover letters that stand out and tell your story about why you are the perfect fit for consulting.


Contents of the Resume and Cover Letter Guide

The ebook has six main sections and is delivered as a PDF file. We have filled it with useful actionable advice targeted specifically towards consulting. You already know all the generic advice, so we don’t repeat it in this guide. Here are the main sections:


1. Before the Application

There is some work you need to do before you even start writing. We will explain the consulting recruiting process, how you can increase your chances by doing proper networking, and we will deep-dive into the skills and characteristics that top-tier consulting firms really look for.


2. Your Selling Points

We will help you do a mini workshop where you assess your background and come up with the important selling points that are relevant for a consulting recruiter. This step is very important, and will make it much easier for you to write the application itself.


3. Write Your Resume

This section will show you the structure of a consulting resume, and help you adjust it whether you are applying in the US or Europe. Then, we will deep-dive into each of the five resume sections with advice and lots of examples for recent graduates and experienced professionals.


4. Write Your Cover Letter

There is some work you need to do before you even start writing. We will explain the consulting recruiting process, how you can increase your chances by doing proper networking, and we will deep-dive into the skills and characteristics that top-tier consulting firms really look for.


5. FAQ

In this section we will cover all the typical questions we receive about consulting resumes and cover letters, such as the main reasons a consulting application is rejected, the most common mistakes that recent graduates make, etc.


6. Resume and Cover Letter Samples

This section is one of the most popular in our guide. We will show you five cover letters and five resumes that cover very different types of background for both European and US applicants. You will see how all the information in the book is applied into superior applications.

The major advantage of is that the guides and lessons on the website are very concise, well-structured and affordable compared to most of the alternatives on the market – and superior to the free resources. Most of the content cuts straight to the chase with few prevarications. This is the reason why I have found it valuable as an MBA-student with very limited time on my hand, and high ambitions for a career in consulting.
— Martin Rannje, Cambridge MBA Student


Our team includes a former McKinsey consultant

Several months of work went into this ebook. It contains expert advice on how to craft your application and will save you time in the process. Instead of spending hours reading outdated websites and books, you can begin writing and fine-tuning your application. We are so confident in the value of this ebook that we are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. was founded by Daniel Stefanac, a former McKinsey consultant. He and other consulting recruiter experts have contributed to this guide. 

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