3 Ways To Stay Organized As A Remote Business

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“The new normal” has become a phrase that is thrown around a lot and within the business world, and remote working has certainly become ‘the new normal’. The pandemic forced many businesses to close their office doors and while some are now making the slow return to the office space, others are choosing to close the office for good and become a fully remote business. If you have chosen to take your business fully remote, then here are our 3 ways you can ensure your business stays organized. 

Set A Schedule

Setting a strict schedule is one way you can stay organized as a remote business. Going from an office environment to working from home can be difficult, so it is important you set boundaries, so everyone stays on track and meets their goals. As a business leader, you need to have some trust in your employees that they will complete their work, so setting a schedule is a good way to ensure they have structure, but also demonstrates you trust them to work remotely. Be sure to be consistent with the schedule as if you keep changing it, you could cause confusion and it may lead to deadlines not being met. 

Use Technology To Your Advantage

Technology is the main thing that makes remote working possible, so it is important you use it to your advantage. Before you go fully remote, ensure that all of your staff have access to the same resources so they can efficiently do their job from home. Additionally, once you make your business fully remote, it could be a good idea to have a virtual address. While previously, all the mail related to your business would have gone to the office, once you move out of the office, you need a new place to send the mail. Using a virtual mailbox service would be a good idea for your remote business at means you can access all of your mail while you are working remotely. Your mail is scanned by the virtual address company and then you can view the mail from your phone or laptop. Check out https://physicaladdress.com/ to find out more.

Have Clear Lines Of Communication

Another crucial part of keeping your remote business organized is to establish clear lines of communication between the whole team. Whereas before in an office, you could physically go to someone’s desk to ask a question, working remotely takes that option away, so you must have an alternative in place. Emails are a good way to communicate but they can sometimes be a little too formal and often people do not respond quickly to them. it would be a lot more efficient to have some sort of instant messaging platform instead, so staff can get quick responses to their questions. Additionally, a lot of the instant messaging platforms for businesses offer the option to create different channels, so you can have one channel that is for ‘water cooler chat’. Having some informal channels can be beneficial as they can keep people connected and reduce feelings of loneliness. 

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