Allocate Enough Time For Your Management Consulting Application

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Once you have decided that you want to pursue a consulting career, you also need to decide when to start applying and preparing. Should you spend half a year before interview rounds just to be able to ace everything? Or do you feel prepared already and plan to only spend a week or two before the interview? Read more…

You should as a rule of thumb use three months for applications and preparations. Different persons might be better at some points of the process. But, for the vast majority – if you are serious about obtaining a consulting position – you should be ready to invest the time necessary. Three months is not exaggerated and most consultants have spent lot of time practicing and preparing.

Applying to management consulting is a very demanding process. Here are some of the tasks that you will most likely have to do:

  • Write your resume
  • Write your cover letter
  • Proofread and send your application
  • Practice verbal and numerical reasoning tests
  • Practice your mental math skills
  • Learn the case frameworks
  • Practice case solving
  • Complete mock interviews

Many aspiring consultants do underestimate the necessary effort, and spend most of their time preparing for case interviews. Although this is crucial, you also should do many other tasks. Do not wait until last few weeks before the interview!

If you want to get a good start on your preparations, then download our free guide on how to land a job in management consulting.

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