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Booz & Company is one the most reputable firms in the management consulting industry. Many applicants strive to land a job with the company because it provides opportunities to resolve complex organizational issues, work with a team of experts, and network with various clients. At Booz, there’s numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Breaking into the firm requires hard work and determination, which starts with writing your job application. Along with your cover letter, recruiters review your Booz resume in order to determine what you will be able to offer the firm. If it conveys relevant and comprehensive information, you will most likely receive an invitation to sit for an interview.

Know What to Write

Before you start enumerating your qualifications, you should conduct research about Booz’ operations, culture, and standards to help you choose and structure your information.

Website Booz’ website contains valuable information about the firm. It describes their values, typical work environment, ideas, and insights. From this information, you will get an idea about what the firm looks for in applicants. You can then craft your resume according to their goals and priorities.
Networking Professional networking is another way to obtain valuable information. Join clubs and organizations and meet people from the industry. As you interact with your contacts, you will learn practical and surefire tips for writing a resume that will catch the attention of Booz recruiters.
Social Media and Forums Following Booz on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn gives you more access to information. Further, by reading forums or testimonials of former Booz applicants, you will be able to pick up useful pointers.
Job Advertisement If you come across the vacancy through a job platform, read the advertisement carefully. For instance, on LinkedIn, Booz always enumerates the basic qualifications required for the job. Make sure your resume addresses what is needed.

Emphasize Your Skills

Booz prefers applicants who possess determination, leadership, communication, analytical thinking, and research skills. When you select information to include in your experience, accomplishments, and other sections of your Booz resume, choose qualities that emphasize the attributes listed above. See the examples below:

Work Experience Supervised and led a group of researchers in conducting surveys, tabulating responses, and creating reports for market studies.
Accomplishments Won second place in the annual school-wide case competition on using social media to empower youth.
Interests Volunteering with differently-abled kids, running in 5k races, and shipwreck scuba diving.

Proofread Your Resume

Don’t send out your Booz resume immediately after writing it. Allot some time for proofreading to ensure it contains substantial information and is free from errors. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does it encompass what I can contribute to Booz?
  • Does it propose value to the management consulting firm?
  • Does it contain only the most relevant information?

If your answers to the questions above are all “yes,” proceed to the following:

  • Is it free from spelling and grammatical errors?
  • Is the format reader-friendly?
  • Is the text clear and concise?

If all of your answers to these questions are “yes,” you are ready to submit your Booz resume.

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