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A management consulting elevator pitch is a brief summary about your selling points. It can be used when networking with representatives from consulting firms during school events. It can also serve as an answer to the one million dollar question, “Why should we hire you?” Read on and learn how to make one.

Know Your Listener

Your elevator pitch is not about what you want to say but what your audience wants to hear. Hence, your background about the listener will help you in the construction. If you’re talking to the management consulting recruiter of firms like Bain, BCG or McKinsey & Company, he/she is interested in what sets you apart from other applicants. If you’re talking to a CEO, he/she is curious on how consulting aspirants like you can contribute to their business. If you’re talking to an alumnus, he/she would love to know how you intend to pursue your career plans. Always remember that different folks want different stories.

Take Note of the S-I-R Framework

According to Richard Fout’s, How to Craft the Perfect Elevator Pitch slideshow, you can adopt the Situation – Impact – Resolution structure. Situation is where you cite the dilemma, pressing need or weak point. Impact is where you describe the effects of the situation. Resolution is the answer to the problem. If you’re in an elevator with a company CEO who’s about to launch a new product, you can briefly state their possible loss if they won’t hire management consultants who can do market segmentation and analyze market trends.

Remember the 9 C’s

Chris O’Leary in his PDF guide, Elevator Pitch Essentials, said that effective speeches have nine characteristics. Once you’ve formulated a management consulting elevator pitch, try to evaluate if meets these criteria:

  • Concise
  • Clear
  • Compelling
  • Credible
  • Conceptual
  • Concrete
  • Consistent
  • Customized
  • Conversational

This short checklist will help you maximize the time given to you, and help you tailor your story for the right person.

Always Be Ready

If you attend a networking event at school, or you are called for a management consulting interview, you have a lot of time to prepare for your elevator pitch. However, life is full of surprises. You meet key people at an unexpected time and in unexpected places. If you happen to have one of these surprising chances and you’re not aware of the latest trends and news in the consulting industry and business sector, how can you formulate an impressive elevator pitch? Make it a habit to stay updated, attend consulting sessions and network with professionals.

Communicate Clearly

Deliver your elevator pitch clearly and confidently. If you have prepared for it beforehand, practice it until you gain the desired mastery level. It wouldn’t be impressive if you stutter in front of a person who might be your key to a consulting position. Look at yourself in the mirror and be aware of your body language while you state it. Make sure that your tone stirs interest and encourages the listener to ask questions.

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