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Under the meticulous judgment of a recruiter, you will know how powerful a resume is. It tells whether an applicant deserves a chance to be assessed further for the vacancy. It is your marketing tool that represents your value in management consulting field. Read this post to know the information it should contain.

A resume can be divided into different parts but all of them must be ideally summarized in a document of one or two pages. If yours has more than two pages, consider revising it. It may contain too many unnecessary details or the information may not have been summarized properly. We have written the Guide to Consulting Cover Letters and Resumes to give all the details you need for each part. If you simply need an overview on how a resume should be written, here’s a checklist for you.

Contact Header

  • Is your NAME bigger than the other text on the resume? Do you think its size will facilitate the recruiter’s information recall?
  • Is your contact information updated and accurate for the management consulting firm to readily contact you?
  • Is the provided email address simply structured? Will it not be confusing for the recruiter to accurately type it on the computer?
  • Have you included a personal website that contains your portfolio or any information that will boost your credentials?
  • Is your header simple and readable?

Summary and Career Objective

  • For experienced candidates, have you come up with a career summary that includes sectors you’ve worked in and the major areas you’ve managed?
  • For fresh graduates, have you highlighted your skills and traits that are necessary for a management consulting job?
  • Do you believe your summary or career objective gives your application a sense of  direction?
  • Is your summary or career objective specific and straightforward?
  • Is your summary or career objective stated in one to two sentences?

Professional Experience

  • Have you included your experience that’s significant to management consulting?
  • Does your work experience information include the name of organization, your designation, the employment period and the summarized responsibilities?
  • Have you concisely written about three bullet phrases that will encapsulate your results for each position?
  • Have you used actions verbs like ‘Developed,’ ‘Organized,’ ‘Supervised,’ ‘Initiated,’ ‘Managed,’ etc.?
  • Have you utilized percentages, ratios and other numbers in highlighting your achievements?


  • Have you mentioned your course, university, specific classes and years of attendance?
  • For fresh graduates, have you stated your significant club involvement?
  • Have you listed recent substantial academic achievements, scholarships or recognitions?
  • If applicable, have you described your responsibilities during your internship programs?
  • Have you included any related licensure tests you’ve taken, time of examination and if favorable, the test results?

Other Questions

  • Have you enumerated the skills that will help you in fulfilling the responsibilities of the management consulting position?
  • Have you inserted keywords such as quantitative research and analytics, project management, client interaction and relationship building with clients? These should be keywords that you believe are important.
  • Have you listed the languages you can speak and important computer software you are master of?
  • Have you inserted a line of specific interests and hobbies that tell something valuable about you?
  • Have you stated the recent seminars and training you have attended that are relevant to the position?

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