Guide to Consulting Case Interview Frameworks

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  • All management consulting firms use business cases in the interview process. In fact, business cases are the key part of the interview.
  • You need to be prepared for various types of business cases, and you should know the important frameworks, when to use them and how.
  • Our guide to business case frameworks will help you structure and solve your case interviews. We will walk you through the important frameworks and how to use them. Read more below.

“The case interview is only one dimension of the recruiting process,
but it is typically the part that raises the most anxiety.”

– Bain Recruiting Website,


Case Frameworks Are Crucial For Your Success In Case Interviews

Case interviews require you to practice six different skills…


Case frameworks are used to solve very different business problems…

Business cases are a key part of case interviews at management consulting firms. The different cases might sound very difficult, and the interviewer will usually try to make them sound very complex. However, all these case questions usually boil down to some very specific types of cases.You need to be able to assess the case question, find out which type of business case this is, and which framework you should use to solve the problem. Below is a list of some of the most common frameworks.

  • Capacity expansion
  • Competitor response
  • Evaluation of M&A target
  • Market segmentation
  • Market situation
  • New market entry
  • New product development
  • Pricing strategy
  • Profit hunt
  • Product strategy

Case frameworks will help you solve a business case in three important areas…

Structure your analysis

Once you clarify which framework to use, you will quickly be able to structure your analysis. You will feel more confident, and you can use time on the analysis instead of considering what to include.

Analyze the problem

You will spend most of the time during the consulting case interview on the analysis part. You will go through the framework structure and make sure that you do all the necessary analyses.

Make a conclusion

Finally, the framework will help make conclusions based on your analysis. Conclusions in different types of cases usually have some common content. Also, frameworks will help you recommend next steps.


Our Guide Will Help You Prepare For Case Interviews

case_frameworks_pages The guide, Business Case Frameworks, will help you structure and solve your case interviews. You will learn the most important frameworks and how to use them. The guide builds on our team’s extensive, in-depth experience within management consulting projects and recruiting. You will get:

  • The guide delivered in a PDF file
  • No generic content – pure consulting focus
  • Pragmatic approach – no theoretical explanations


Benefit 1:
Get Ready For the Interview

1-getready Business cases are a key part of every consulting interview. The interviewer needs to see that you are capable of quickly assessing the situation and choosing the right approach.This guide will teach you when to use the different frameworks.

Benefit 2:
Learn the Frameworks

2-learnframeworks The guide will show you the ten most common frameworks and how to use them. You will learn how to structure every type of business case, how to analyze the case and how to recommend a solution. Key capabilities for a consultant.

Benefit 3:
Save Time

3-savetime You will probably spend lot of time on applying and preparing for consulting interviews. Save time by learning exactly what frameworks to use and how to use them. You could spend this saved time on practicing the case interviews themselves.


Contents of The Guide


Case solving process using frameworks

Before jumping into the frameworks, the guide will show you how to prepare for business cases. The important thing is to present the qualities that the interviewer is looking for. We will show you how to structure your case solving to demonstrate the qualities. This part of the guide contains:

  • Best practice on preparing and structuring your business case interview
  • Key results that you need to achieve in each part of the case interview process, so you know you are on track
  • How to use a hypothesis-based approach on solving cases



Structure for each framework

Our guide will show you ten of the most used frameworks by management consulting firms. You can apply them to almost all business cases. We will show you when to use each framework, and our easy-to-apply structure should be easy to remember for the interview. This section will:

  • Show you a visual map for each of the ten frameworks
  • Teach you how to structure, analyze and advise on each framework



Case analysis for each framework

You will spend most of the time during your case interview analyzing the case problem. This is also the hardest part, as you don’t have time to do deep analyses. You need to be able to quickly assess what analyses are important. This is a key part of our framework guide, and Part 3 includes:

  • Detailed questions that you need to answer in your analysis phase for each of the 10 frameworks
  • Recommendation on which conclusions you can make