How to Determine Who Is Liable In a Car Accident

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Vehicle accidents can be anything from a minor scratch on the bumper to total devastation of a vehicle and the death of a person inside. Therefore, each car accident case that comes up is unique.

However, the parties or party responsible for the accident that would have to bear the legal consequences can be recognized more easily because of certain rules. For the victim to claim compensation, the liable parties need to be identified.

How can you find out who is liable for a car accident? An experienced car accident law firm, such as Kreizer Law, can look into the unique details and identify the party or parties responsible, as well as file a compensation claim.

But, to give you some idea, let’s go over some details.

The Police Report

People usually call 911 after they have been in an accident for the police to come and investigate the crash scene. There, the first responders will arrive and make a report of everything they see as well as who they believe is the responsible party.

However, these reports don’t usually include a complete evaluation of every single factor that could have caused the accident, such as brake defects. That’s why you might need to look at the police report and hire an attorney to properly investigate the matter.

Negligent Behavior

The most prevalent cause of auto accidents is negligent behavior. That is why you need to first eliminate all possibilities of negligent conduct before looking into any other factors. However, keep in mind, there is a chance that multiple factors contributed to the car crash.

Your attorney will go over many negligent behaviors to determine the liability, and here are some of them:

  • Distracted Driving

People often tend to use their mobile phones to text or call when they are driving their vehicles. But that is not all distracted driving means. A person can be distracted while eating, drinking, adjusting the controls, putting on makeup, looking away from the windshield, or checking the GPS, among many other ways.

  • Driving While Intoxicated or Under The Influence

Drinking or consuming drugs before driving can lead to lower focus, changed behavior, and lesser control over the vehicle. Since everyone also knows it’s a crime, it can be a negligent factor.

  • Driving While Drowsy

Some prescription medications can lead to drowsiness, bringing a person in a state similar to being intoxicated or on drugs. However, other factors can also cause drowsiness.

Other things can include aggressively driving on the road, not being mindful of the rules, or going over the speed limit. These things are also considered to be crimes, some of which the person only gets a ticket for and its jail time or hefty fines for others.

Other Possible Factors

The negligent factors are something that the police usually look over. However, your lawyer will still check them out once again to make sure everything is clear. Additionally, your attorney may look into other factors by getting the vehicle or vehicles examined by a mechanic.

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