How To Find An Oil And Gas Recruiter For Your Company

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A sector that has become increasingly popular and difficult to manage is the oil and gas industry. Companies within this sector are constantly experiencing change and a lot of pressure. Therefore, it’s incredibly important to have the right people employed.

In many cases, these companies require highly talented, experienced, and professional employees to run projects. More often than not, these experienced employees should relocate to the company’s area or where they are running a project.

Finding the perfect candidate can be difficult, mainly if some of the interviewees are located abroad. That is why companies within this sector are using a professional oil and gas recruiter, to help source qualified workers. 


Like traditional recruiters, who connect companies with the right candidates, oil and gas recruiters do the same. The only difference is that these recruiters specialize within the industry. 

It means that they are much more clued up on all the ins and outs of the industry and what is needed for candidates to perform specific tasks. 

It has become incredibly hard to find the right talent for specific roles within this sector. Especially finding the right candidates for management and leadership roles. That is why some recruitment companies have narrowed their focus to companies and candidates within the oil and gas industry. 

A recruiter will source the perfect candidate with all relevant experience and will be able to connect them with a company that urgently needs their services. Specialized recruiters will be able to assist and support the Human Resources department in finding the right talent. 

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Here are some expert tips on finding the perfect service to connect with the right candidates.

Industry Specific

Instead of consulting with an all-industry recruitment company, you should first research finding an industry-specific recruiter. When a company specializes in positions within the oil and gas industry, they’ll understand the roles much better. Therefore, they’ll be able to find the best fit for the job you have available. 


Because the oil and gas industry can take their employees all across the globe, you should find a recruiter that sources talent from all across the world. Find out where the company has a presence, if it’s limited to only a few cities, you should reconsider another service. 

Industry Knowledge

Recruitment agencies should understand the industry almost just as well as you do. Understanding the different roles and divisions is vital in explaining and advertising positions available. Whether you have a downstream, midstream, or upstream organization, they should find the perfect candidate for your specific project.

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Success Stories

It’s one thing to place a candidate in a position; it’s another when that candidate and the company they’ve been employed with are both satisfied. Check into the company’s success stories. How long did the candidate stay in the position? Was the company satisfied with the results? 

When the recruiter knows what to look out for, they’ll fit the right candidates with the right company. Asking someone to relocate for a few months or take on a steep challenge can be a significant risk. That is why it’s so important finding the right person. 

What Solutions are Being Used?

In your initial interview, you should ask the recruitment company what methods and solutions they use to track down candidates. Do they have face-to-face interviews? Or do they only go through resumes? Do they have specific requirements for particular roles? Or do they have an open policy for applicants? 

Make sure that the company uses conventional identifying and sifting techniques to track down the best talent. 

Sourcing help from a professional oil and gas recruiter will help your company find the perfect candidates for your next project. It will also save you a lot of time advertising, interviewing, and going through resumes. At the least, you will be put into contact with the perfect professional for the job.