About Us

ConsultingFact.com is your number one resource for helping you launch and excel in a successful management consulting career. We offer relevant content whether you are considering a graduate position, internship, or an experienced professional contract.

You will not find advisory content from other sources that is as unique and tailored for management consulting as ours is. Our team has extensive insight and experience to help you land your consulting dream job using our easy-to-apply approach.

Who Are We?

ConsultingFact.com was founded in 2010 in Copenhagen, Denmark by a former McKinsey management consultant and MBA graduate. He has himself been through many application processes and received offers from several consulting firms. He landed a consultant position at McKinsey, where he worked with strategy formation, mergers and acquisitions, corporate turnarounds and cost reduction programs. Applying the knowledge and experience he gained, he knew he could help others to pursue their dream career. ConsultingFact.com was born.

Today, the ConsultingFact.com team consists of several experts and support staff to help you reach your management consulting career goals. Our team has a broad network of current and former consultants, ensuring that we stay updated on the latest trends within the management consulting industry.

Our Mission

Before our team landed our consulting job offers, we went through the entire process ourselves: applying, refreshing mental math skills, practicing case study interviews and practicing analysis. Many weeks with the bare minimum of sleep. Even though we had a large network of consultants, the full weight of the application and interview process was ours alone. There was a lot to do. In our process, we were very surprised to find how little quality material was out there to support applicants. This material often did not cover many important study areas or offer practical advice that we now know were crucial to our success.

Our mission is to create the best content and services for aspiring management consultants to help them land a consulting job. Landing a job at a management consulting firm is one of the most challenging, difficult things you may ever do, and spending your time effectively is crucial.