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Booz & Company, one of the prestigious consulting firms, offers a stimulating and fulfilling work environment. If you pass the screening process, you will be surrounded by people who will intellectually challenge you, enhance your skills and inspire you to reach your ambitions.

But how do you beat competent candidates who aspire to join one of Booz’ 58 offices spread throughout 33 countries? How do you prove you have the ability to advise top organizations, businesses, and governments? How do you craft a cover letter that summarizes your credentials and proves you will be an asset to the management consulting firm? Below are some tips on how to sell yourself:

Personalize Your Cover Letter

Recruiters have gone over thousands of cover letters during their career; only those which are well-written and customized usually merit their time and effort. To make this possible, ensure that your letter conveys the following:

Opening Explain how you learned about the vacancy.
Experience or Education If you’re a working professional, elaborate your expertise, summarize your work experience and highlight your most relevant accomplishment. If you’re a recent graduate, explain how your academic background prepared you for this industry.
Motivation Include why you are interested in breaking into management consulting.
Closing Thank the recruiter for considering your qualifications. Further, state that you wish to be interviewed or you will follow up the status of your application in two weeks.

You can also insert the following keyword phrases in your cover letter:

  • Strong analytical skills;
  • Desire to make a difference;
  • Excellent academic record from an outstanding academic institution;
  • International work experience;
  • Business-level fluency in the language of the target location; and
  • Willingness to adapt to the culture of Booz.

Customizing your Booz cover letter is the best way to demonstrate your sincerity, interest, and company knowledge. Focusing on your achievements alone, without considering Booz’ priorities is pointless because the document won’t reflect how you can contribute to the growth and success of the firm.

Include the Right Information

Your cover letter and resume have different purposes—that’s why the former must not be a repetition of the latter. Your cover letter can include the following:

  • Summarize your expertise and experience in a few sentences;
  • Elaborate on an achievement that proves your marketing brand;
  • Explain your motivation for applying at Booz;
  • Express what you expect from the recruiting team; and
  • Clarify obvious working gaps or any information that may bring up questions about your resume.

Your cover letter’s main goal is to persuade the screening team to review your resume in detail.

Mention a Consultant’s Name

Applicants who have networked have an edge over the competition. If you have interacted with a Booz consultant in a school or social event, mention that person in the letter and how the encounter inspired you to pursue a job with the firm. This unique and interesting experience tells the screening committee you’ve taken your research one step further.

Proofread Your Cover Letter

Before submitting your Booz cover letter, review it thoroughly and correct any grammar and spelling errors. Check the content as well to ensure that the aforementioned pointers are integrated in the message. Evaluate the language you used; it should be professional enough to convey your capabilities and credibility. You can approach a friend or a professional to help you with proofreading for objective feedback.

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