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Bain has been labeled as one of the most prestigious management consulting firms in the world. Its 5,000+ employees, located in 48 offices in 31 countries, are committed to helping startups and large companies attain maximum economic value. Its prestige attracts thousands of applicants each year, making the firm’s recruitment process highly intense.

The techniques below can help you craft a Bain cover letter that stands out among the other candidates.

Know What They Are Looking For

Bain’s recruiting materials state that they are looking for exceptional candidates who possess:

Problem-Solving Skills To generate recommendations for clients, you should be able to analyze complex issues, think logically, and be resourceful.
Team Skills The ability to communicate and work smoothly with team members is vital in defining and achieving the common goal.
Excellent Personality Your energy and enthusiasm demonstrate your commitment to meeting challenging responsibilities and a demanding work schedule.

These prerequisites will guide you in customizing and finalizing the content of your Bain cover letter. Unique content expresses your sincere interest in the job and consequently helps you stand out among the other applicants.

Include Relevant Information

You may have a number of achievements but including everything is highly discouraged. Recruiters  spend less than 30 seconds per application, so every word in your one-page document must reflect what the firm needs.

The letter should answer the following questions:

How did you learn about the opening? Explain whether you read the advertisement on their Facebook page, website, or other job platform. If applicable, you can also mention that a Bain employee or a key professional relayed the information to you.
Why are you interested? Include your motivation for applying at Bain. Are you inspired by their contribution to global companies? Do you believe your personality and competency fit their culture?
Why should Bain hire you? Summarize your experience, skills, and abilities that are necessary to the position. You can highlight an accomplishment or your major responsibilities but do not rehash your resume details—it’s a waste of space.

Other Cover Letter Information

Your Bain cover letter should also explain potential issues recruiters may detect from your resume. For instance, if there is a major gap in your work history, you can explain your activities while you were unemployed. Did you leave your previous employer because you wanted to pursue a graduate degree or because your spouse was relocated to a different city? This is also applicable to those who wanted to shift into a management consulting career. Elaborate upon the reasons that influenced such a major decision and include the soft skills you possess which will enable you to carry out all consulting responsibilities.

After proofreading your cover letter, you can hand it to Bain representatives during job fairs or you can  upload it onto their website.

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