Consulting Job with a State School Degree

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State School

We get this question a lot: “Is it possible to get a consulting job with a state school degree?” The short answer, and to put your mind at ease, is yes. Read more about consulting jobs with state school degrees…

You can get a management consulting job with a degree from any school. What we want to explain is that the process may be different as you go about finding a career.

Differences in Networking Abilities

We’ve written a whole article on networking to get the best management consulting position for your experience and education. If you did not attend an Ivy or top-20 institution in your country, you may feel like you’ve missed the boat.

While top management consulting firms do target upper echelon schools, you can still find your way into the field. Rather than looking for recruitment events at your university, you may instead want to contact the regional offices of firms you’re looking to target.

Ask for local recruiting events, and leave your name and express your interest in the position. You need to get your name out a bit more frequently then you would otherwise.

Colleagues and Professors

Again, you are looking to dig a little deeper into your resources than you might otherwise to find a management consulting position. Ask around your business management and administration departments if you are still in school and ask for times to speak with professors. They may have contacts in the industry no matter what college they work at.

Another example for those looking to transition from another career is to ask friends and relatives. You may also wish to use your college’s alumni association or fraternal organizations for people who may be in the field.

Standing Out in Your Application

Since your diploma may have a school’s name that isn’t immediately recognizable, you’ll want to pay extra attention to your management consulting job application materials. New graduates will want to focus on high-level leadership in extra-curricular or internship applications. Intern prospects will want to do the same thing, as well as focus on coursework in business concepts and other key curricula.

Mid-career switchers and others will need to re-write the resume. Our resume and cover letter guide is a great resource for the phrases and competencies that will make recruiters sit up and take notice. Even if you don’t, you do need to make sure that your resume only includes as much information about a non-business position as relates to management consulting.

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