Write Great Consulting Cover Letters

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Writing your cover letter is the first step to a career within a top tier management consulting firm. Your cover letter is not as important as the resume. However, it is still important that you make it professional and sell yourself in a best way. Read more to get tips on how to write great cover letters.

1. Proofread Your Cover Letter

Proofread once and do it once more! Make sure that your letter is grammatically correct and without typos. Also, double check all firm names, people’s names and addresses. Consulting cover letter mistake number one is to include the wrong consulting firm name – say sending a McKinsey application to Bain. This will not land you the interview!

2. Tailor Your Cover Letter to Each Firm

Sending generic consulting letters will lead to failure. You need to take the time to customize your cover letter by including firm specific details. This sends a strong signal of true interest.

3. Market Yourself

The cover letter is your chance to sell yourself. Remember that top tier consulting firms look for extraordinary people, hence the reader should be left with that impression after having read your cover letter.

4. Stick to the Facts

State the facts i.e. your skills and your qualifications and do not exaggerate them. Moreover, let the employer judge your skills. It can appear arrogant and presumptuous to conclude that you are the best person for the position. Impress the reader with your skills and let him or her reach his or her own conclusions.

5. Have Other People Give You Feedback

Use your network and let another person read your cover letter and then give you feedback. It always helps to have a “fresh set of eyes” look it through before submitting.

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