Do Management Consulting Resumes Have a Future?

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You’ve spent countless hours honing and perfecting your resume, and now the hiring industry is abuzz with the question: are resumes on the way out? You can relax because resumes are most likely here to stay in the near-term management consulting future. Trends, though, are changing. Read more about the future of resumes…

As more firms, particularly in the high-tech sector, seek fresh talent, they are beginning to look for more direct, streamlined evidence of one’s relevant skills. As a Wall Street Journal article shares, Union Square Ventures, a technology venture-capital firm, put out a call for a new investment analyst, requiring that applicants submit evidence of their online presence in lieu of their resume. This includes being visible on the web on Twitter, a LinkedIn account and/or relevant blogs and so forth. Similarly, Union Square asked applicants to submit short videos to augment this new style of job application.

Many tech firms find that this unusual profile provides a good deal of insight into its candidates in ways that static resumes never can. Particularly in cases where employers are looking for the right social fit, getting a glimpse into the more social-media-savvy side of potential employees can be a way to narrow down a relatively competitive field of otherwise qualified candidates. Many applicants whose resumes would have been discarded immediately actually find themselves gaining traction with the non-traditional side of the application process.

The trend looks as though it is set to continue, with the more “creative” application going hand in hand with more traditional resumes to deepen the picture employers get of possible employees.

Here at we don’t see this shift in application trends affecting consulting firms and their hiring practices any time soon. It is, though, always wise to keep your eyes on employment trends on the whole. Recruiters will undoubtedly Google you and check out your LinkedIn profile – make sure you manage your online identity.

These new hiring trends might also give you pause to consider once more how best you can make your own cover letter and resume shine in an otherwise crowded field of qualified applicants. You may not be making videos or sending consulting firms to your personal blog, but you can try to brainstorm about what makes you a unique applicant and reflect that in your cover letters and resumes.

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