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Correction of the letter.

After you write your cover letter and resume, you will need to review them. The competition among aspiring consultants is tough and the recruitment process is intense. You must ensure that your application is crafted to perfection.

You should never underestimate the power of a well-written and thoroughly reviewed resume. You need to edit your consulting resume with a fine-toothed comb before submitting it to your target firm. As hiring managers receive thousands of applications, yours needs to stand out among those of the other candidates’.

Review Your Application

The most challenging part of consulting resume editing is making it interesting enough to get you to the interview stage. As your resume and cover letter will allow recruiters to get a glimpse of who you are and what you have to offer, you need to make a lasting impression. Below are some tips on how you can review and edit your cover letter and resume.

Incorporate keywords Hiring consultants spend approximately 30 seconds reviewing each application. When doing consulting resume editing, ensure to  sprinkle your application with enough relevant keywords to pass the skim-read test.
Keep it short When reviewing your resume, make sure you have written concise sentences. Structure your application so that recruiters can easily identify the most pertinent information.
Proofread In consulting resume editing, carefully read your application for typos and grammatical errors. Such errors can leave an impression, albeit a negative one.
Professional and clean look Your consulting application documents need to be clean and clutter free. Review the look and feel of your resume to ensure you utilized enough white space and incorporated a simple font.
Demonstrate your success with details A critical element of a compelling consulting application is results-oriented achievements. Review the details you included in your application to ensure that they clearly illustrate the value you can bring to your target firm and provide specific examples of the measurable success you’ve achieved.

Ask a Friend to Review Your Application

A trusted friend or colleague from your network can help you with consulting resume editing and ultimately increase the effectiveness of your application. Although you may have reviewed your resume a hundred times, a fresh set of eyes may catch a detrimental error. Ask someone who has editing experience or who works in the consulting industry.

Having someone else review your application is not only a good way to spot typos and grammar errors; it is likely that the person will have suggestions on how to rephrase your statements to make them more effective. Be open to their feedback and edit your resume based on their comments.

Ask a Professional to Review Your Application

Having professional consulting resume editing will give you an advantage over the competition. Applicants are inclined to highlight details that they feel are important, but   omit relevant qualifications which demonstrate their fit with the target firm.

Consulting firms receive thousands of applications. There is definitely no room for error. Candidates don’t always realize that they have made more mistakes than typos and grammatical errors such as failing to emphasize their consulting qualities, including irrelevant information, faulty structure, and an unprofessional design, to name a few.

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