Five Steps to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile for Management Consulting

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Have you recently looked at your LinkedIn profile and updated it? LinkedIn is very well suited to provide you with new job opportunities, regardless your career path. The Management Consulting industry uses LinkedIn a lot, so this might be a good opportunity to start networking with management consultants. Read more…

LinkedIn is one of the biggest and most popular online professional networks. It offers free access to professional opportunities, the ability to stay in touch, build your network, find a new career and put yourself out in the open market. Over 80% of companies are online using LinkedIn to fill job openings, and LinkedIn is an online home for serious hiring decision makers. LinkedIn gives you access to channels that will help you make inroads to meeting your career goals, even in these challenging economic times.

Given LinkedIn’s growth, you want to find ways to differentiate yourself and maximize your professional presence online. Here are five key ways to make this happen.

1. Keep Your Profile Updated

You would be surprised how many people forget to update their LinkedIn profile. Update yours to reflect changing jobs, roles and responsibilities. Make it completely searchable. Just like in a high-quality resume, you want to provide a solid intro to you and a more searchable, keyword-friendly outlet. Balance quality keywords with content that will pique a reader’s interest.

2. Complete Your Profile

Use your profile as a tool to differentiate yourself. Use recommendations – give readers a more objective outlook on who you are as an employee, employer or individual. Branch out into lesser-used LinkedIn tools, such as video, for a more multimedia experience. Also, remember a catchy summary.

3. Update Your Status Regularly

Tell the community what you are working on, what interesting news or industry events you are related to. Your active participation on LinkedIn helps to show that you are active in your profession, field and its developments. Top tier consulting firms are looking for passionate management consultants, and this is a great way to show your passion.

4. Increase Your Visibility

This has a twofold meaning. First, literally – include a professional-looking photograph to create the visual impression for your reader and include links to your websites, whether of your company, your blog or another personal site that is relevant and may augment your profile. Second, figuratively – make more connections to build your trusted network.

5. Build Your Brand

Create an attention-getting headline/tagline, a message that serves as a personal pitch. What impression do you want to leave with the reader? Your profile is a one-stop shop where you can present yourself your own way.

Leverage the potential of LinkedIn by working on your profile today! If you need more advice on how to land a job in management consulting, then have a look at our guide. offers guides for resumes, cover letters, case interviews, case frameworks, and other material that will help you land a consulting job.

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