Why You Should Be Thinking About Your Consulting Network During the Holiday Season

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During the upcoming holiday season, the last thing on the mind of a consultant is a new job. However, research indicates that new job postings increase within the last two months of the year.

Is it worth looking into your consulting network during this time while everyone is relaxing and taking time off? The answer could be yes. If you think that companies don’t hold interviews during the holiday season, think again.

Over 53% of recruiters from a recent survey mentioned that they conduct interviews in the end of the 4th quarter.

Networking During the Holiday Season

It’s very common for consultants to hold a gathering for their network during the holiday season. This can be a great time to socialize and grow your own personal consulting network. It is important to remember that these parties are not like conventions. Clients, alumnus, and other consultants who are in attendance are there to unwind and have fun. Therefore, it is not recommended to open directly with lines pertaining to possible job openings.

Instead, enjoy the party as well and make it a point to have engaging conversations that your possible new contacts will remember. Also, don’t forget to bring business cards. You may want to consider leaving the hard copy of your cover letter and resume in the car or tucked away in your coat.

A smoother way to pass your cover letter and resume is to keep a copy of it in your phone as an attachment. Then you can casually send a personal email through your phone with your consulting cover letter and resume to your new contact, should the conversation lead to the possibility of new job posts.

Don’t Forget Your Old Contacts

The holiday season can also be a great time to keep in touch with your old contacts who you haven’t seen in a long time. This could be an ex-consultant who left the firm you’re working in, or an old classmate during your college years. The gesture of catching up is always rewarding and can give you new insight on what’s happening in other parts of the consulting industry.

To conclude, the holiday season isn’t an excuse not to think about your consulting network. If you play your cards right, a new opportunity may be on its way for the new year. Lastly, even though everyone has their guard down during the holiday parties, it is still best to exercise patience and have meaningful conversations before talking about the latest scoop in the consulting world.


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