How to Break Into Booz

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Although Booz doesn’t belong to MBB, it has established itself as a reputable organization in the management consulting industry. In fact, some people would add another B to the acronym to include Booz with the Big Three.

The history of Booz dates back to 1914 when founder Edwin Booz began researching and solving problems for several clients in Chicago. He believed that organizations would improve their performance if they incorporated objective recommendations from experts. Eventually, his theory developed into the practice of management consulting, and his company opened satellite offices in countries all over the world.

Get to Know Booz

To break into Booz, you should familiarize yourself with the firm’s goals, services, values, corporate culture, and industries. Your company knowledge will guide you in writing your job application and answering questions during job interviews. Here are some tips to apply during your research:

Website Visit Booz’ website and read its pages. It contains relevant information including the history, portfolio, office locations, work values, and everyday life of its experts. All the fundamental facts you need are published on the website.
Social Media Follow Booz on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social media websites for updates about their activities, priorities, and vacancies.
Networking Join off and online activities, events, and forums. Build connections with professionals who are or were connected with the firm—they can provide practical tips for acing the application process.

Write an Effective Job Application

Your consulting application plays a vital role in your dream to break into Booz. Your cover letter and resume summarize your qualifications and motivation for the management consulting position. These marketing tools serve as recruiters’ basis for deciding whether or not you should be on the interview shortlist. Therefore, make sure that you include your experience, quantified accomplishments, and other relevant information in a comprehensive manner.

Prepare for Case Interviews

Candidates who break into Booz do well during case interviews, an instrument used to assess a candidate’s ability to think analytically and resolve problems logically. An applicant usually undergoes two rounds of interviews, with each round consisting of two 45 minute sessions. You will be presented with a business scenario based on projects Booz professionals have worked on. In order to crack the case, remember the following:

Problem Get a thorough understanding of the case and determine the relevant factors to be investigated. If some information is missing, ask probing questions. Some recruiters won’t disclose all the necessary details unless you use your initiative and request it.
Framework Apply a consulting framework that can help you structure your thoughts and approach to the problem.
Recommendations Explain your conclusion and recommendations in a clear and comprehensive manner.

There’s no “correct” answer to the case. As long as you logically arrive at sensible conclusions, there’s a great possibility that you will break into Booz. Practice and enhance your consulting skills before the interview in order to feel prepared and confident during the interview.

Learn More

If you need more expert advice on how to break into Booz, see this management consulting ebook. It explains the qualities most top tier firms look for in applicants. These attributes should be your bases when crafting your job application. The guide also contains tips for acing pre-employment tests and case interviews. The three types of case questions you may encounter in the interview are also elaborated in the guide.


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