How to Write a Post Management Consulting Interview Thank-You Letter

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Is it necessary to write a thank you note after a consulting interview? Well, we strongly recommend writing one. For one it doesn’t just showcase your manners but more importantly, it can further increase your chances of landing the job.

In fact, according to’s “How to Get in the Front Door” survey about 15% of hiring managers say they would not hire someone who failed to send post interview thank you note, even if the person may be a good fit for the job. While 32% say they’d still consider the candidate, but would likely think less of him or her.

Many hiring managers say that not sending a thank you note demonstrates a lack of follow through, and that the candidate isn’t that serious about the opportunity.

Also, consider that the decision-making time frames for a management consulting position are typically longer. Consultants have smartphones and are constantly monitoring their email. Most of the interviewers would appreciate the gesture and would likely keep your name in their minds longer compared to other candidates who didn’t’t send a note.

Sending a thank you after an interview is not only appropriate and courteous, it is beneficial as well. It provides you with another opportunity to differentiate yourself among other applicants.

When you write a post interview thank you letter you show not only your appreciation for the interviewer’s time, but further reiterate your interest in the company and the position. Through a simple thank you note you can also follow up with any information the organization or interviewer may have requested you to provide after the interview.
However, be very cautious still with the content of your thank you letter. Make it as flawless as the content of your cover letter.

To make the most of your thank you letter, here are some things to remember:

Include a Reaffirmation of Your Value

Your thank you letter should not only you’re your appreciation for the interviewer’s time. It must also include a reaffirmation of your value to their organization now that you have more knowledge of the position. Use the letter to market yourself again. You may reference specific needs of the company as mentioned by the interviewer. This will show the interviewer that you paid close attention to his or her every word. Then cite particular ways in which you can address those concerns. Through this you are again connecting the job requirements with your job skills. Plus, you further establish your interest in the position.

Customize the Note

Don’t make your thank you letter sound generic or that it has been used over and over again. Using a standard content for your post-interview thank you letter won’t help you stand out among other candidates. You may include a comment on something specific that you found interesting or insightful about the interviewer. Tailor your letter to the consulting role and the relationship you have established with the interviewer. The more personalize your note is, the more likely it’ll personally affect the interviewer.

Clear Any Miscommunication

Take the post interview letter as an opportunity to mention things that you forgot to say during the interview, particularly if you think there might have been some sort of miscommunication. Just remember to keep a positive, professional and confident tone. But sound genuine and likeable too.

Keep It Short

It is best to stick to three paragraphs only. The recommended template would be something like this:

Use the first paragraph to express your appreciation for the interviewer’s time and interest in your application. In the second paragraph, sell yourself again by reminding him/her of your qualifications. And in the third paragraph, restate your interest in the organization and in the consulting position.

Briefly State the Reasons for Your Interest in the Consulting Position

You can market yourself by briefly explaining how the role fits in with your current career motivations. This is aside from citing how your experiences could be of value to their organization.

Send a Thank You Letter to All Interviewers

If you’ve had multiple interviewers, make sure that you demonstrate equal respect to all by sending individual letter to each. This means that you have to make each note a little different from the others. If you use e standard content for all of them, they will lose their genuineness. Also, ensure to have the correct name and title of each interviewer.

Send Your Thank You Note Immediately

It is recommended to send within 24 hours if you plan to send it via the mail service, and send within 48 hours if you prefer to send it digitally. Don’t wait for too long or it might be too late for your efforts.

Proofread Carefully

Like with your resume and cover letter, make sure you double-check your thank you note and make it free from typos and grammatical errors. Don’t simply rely on your spell-checker. Read it more than twice and if you can have somebody to read it too, the better.

It wouldn’t take much time to write and send a thank you letter after a management consulting interview. If you are really serious about breaking into consulting, then you should take advantage of every single opportunity to showcase your worth. And a simple note of appreciation may just seal the deal for you.