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Though management consulting is one of the most rewarding jobs ever, it has also its share of disadvantages. Unfortunately, those working in the industry are known for their lack of quality time for their loved ones.

It’s commonplace to hear that management consultants work for at least 50 hours per week. At times, when they’re working on an urgent project for a very important client, they have to render about 80 hours in the office just to beat deadlines. It’s not also surprising to know that their family life is affected by their hectic schedule. More time for work simply implies less time for the spouse and kids.

The Downside of Traveling

At first, the concept of traveling excites consultants. An out-of-town trip once a week is a wonderful opportunity to explore a new place – its culture, food and tourist spots. However, as years pass by, they realize it’s just another assignment they have to deal with, and they won’t be home for days. The enthusiasm gradually subsides, and homesickness replaces it. The sad thing is that they can’t just turn their back on it. They know that they must visit the client’s office to interview employees, to attend meetings with the management and to gather information. These are part of their responsibilities and, therefore, missing these tasks is practically the same as being negligent.

Lack of Quality Time with the Family

Due to frequent trips and necessary overtime services at the office, the management consultant barely have quality time for the family. Annual reunions and other big family events are usually scheduled and may be inserted in the organizer, but those simple, happy moments are often forgone. Many consultants get home with their kids already sleeping soundly. They miss having dinnertime together, laughing in front of the television and doing the storytelling ritual between a parent and a child. Skipping moments like these can be a threat to the relationship. It leads to serious problems, such as wide relationship gaps, miscommunication and the feeling of neglect on the part of the child.

Managing Time

One of the top three success factors of management consultants is organizational skill. This doesn’t only include creating a Gantt chart, maintaining a proper folder structure on your PC or dealing with various forms of communications neatly. This skill can also be used in maintaining work-life balance so they can allot sufficient time for their personal commitments. This is easier said than done as many consultants are actually stuck in their work even after midnight. However, those who are as committed to their family as to their job will make a way, even if it means a great deal of sacrifice. These consultants find time to:

  • Maximize technology to communicate with the family. They make sure they give them a call, a chat or an email.
  • Find time to have meals together once or twice a day. When they talk with each other, they ascertain that everyone in the family is doing well.
  • Spend quality days together in a trip, on lazy Sundays, in a mall, etc.
  • For the highly family-oriented management consultants, transfer to a firm where clients are only located in the city.

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