Numerical Reasoning Test Preparation for Management Consulting

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A numerical reasoning test measures not only your mathematical skills but more importantly the way you analyze data, interpret graphical presentation and generate logical solutions based on digits. Since this is important in management consulting, read this article to know how to improve your numerical test performance.

As a management consulting analyst or consultant, you’ll be looking into inventory reports, financial statements, salary structure, operational data and other documents that contain numbers. These papers play a vital role as the growth of the organization is largely dependent on how they are utilized. The management regularly refer to them to determine the profit and loss of the company. However, if they are improperly dealt with, they lead to poor planning, unrealistic strategies and consequently, huge loss.

The rationale above is the reason why most management consulting recruiters require their candidates to take a numerical reasoning test. Through this screening strategy, they’ll be able to find out who among the applicants truly deserves to be hired. If you’re shortlisted for testing, take note of the following helpful tips:

Reinforce Your Mathematical Concepts

Questions on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can be readily answered by anyone. However, for items related to word problems, percentage and progression, you need to review and master the basic rules. Borrow some textbooks from the library and get yourself familiarized with them again for this management consulting job. That won’t be difficult as you’ve already passed the subject years ago.

Practice Reading Graphs and Tables

Familiarize yourself with different kinds of graphs, charts and tables. Know when they are used and how they are usually interpreted. Read the description for each figure carefully and check the legend as well. This ensures accuracy of assumptions and answers. Many questions on numerical reasoning tests are related to this because data interpretation is one of the main responsibilities of those who pursue a management consulting career.

Improve Your Computation Speed

Mathematical problems are ideally resolved by following a certain process. However, since numerical reasoning tests for management consulting firms are time-limited, be aware of the shortcut methods in getting the right answer. If you visit this site, you will find a few helpful math tricks that can expedite your computation.  Another way of doing this is through mental math. By calculating in your mind, you waste no time in writing numbers on scratch paper.

Be Mindful of the Numbers Involved in Your Daily Activities

Have you tried asking yourself, “Why do I only have this amount in my savings account?” Have you tried computing a self-employed bus driver’s daily income after subtracting the expected expenses? Have you tried budgeting for the summer getaway you’ve always dreamed of? These are alternative and practical ways of enhancing your computation and critical thinking skills for a management consulting test. Use everyday situations to your advantage.

As you go through the management consulting numerical reasoning test, remember that what is being tested is how you critically approach a problem. If you concentrate on answering each item, stay calm despite the time pressure and follow the preparatory steps mentioned above, you have a higher probability of getting a high score and hopefully, getting the position.

To ensure that you’re the applicant the management consulting company will hire, check out more information on our website or download this useful guide.

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