Strategy Consultant Cover Letter

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Strategy Consultant Cover Letter

Strategy consulting is one of the main functions of McKinsey, Bain, BCG and other management consulting firms. It focuses on creating plans to achieve a company’s goals, whether related to marketing, operations, or change management. It is often coordinated with the top executives, who make the final decisions.

If you are interested in applying for a position in an international or boutique firm that specializes in strategy consulting, tailor your cover letter according to the requirements of the job responsibilities. Listed below are some useful techniques:

Know the Qualities of a Good Strategist

It is impossible to write an effective cover letter if you have no idea of the ideal qualities of a strategist. Below are some of the qualities recruiters look for:

Quality Description
Objectivity Strategists fundamentally rely on facts, not on opinions and aspirations, to guarantee the practicality, effectiveness, and efficiency of their recommendations.
Analytical Thinking When the client asks, “Is it advantageous for us to acquire ABC Bank next year?” strategists must be able to identify and analyze several factors before answering such a critical question.
Decision Making Towards the end of the project, strategists make decisions based on research, documents, and other references. They should be capable of choosing the best option from several alternative scenarios.
Innovation Strategists should be creative enough to develop innovative plans for the client’s products, processes, technologies, or services.

Use a Structure

Use the structure below to organize the information in your cover letter:

Part of a Cover Letter Content
Contact Details Include your address, phone number, email address, and the date you will send the letter.
Consulting Firm’s Contact Information and Salutation Include the addressee, his or her position title, and the name and address of the firm. When possible, use the full name of the addressee (not just “Dear HR Director”) to convey your interest and sincerity.
First Paragraph Explain why you are writing, how you learned about the vacancy, or how an employee has encouraged you to give strategy consulting a try.
Middle Paragraphs Summarize your relevant qualifications, which include number of years in a specific field, your MBA degree from a top-tier university, and vital accomplishments. Among your previous jobs, choose one that’s closely related to the qualities mentioned above. Elaborate it in two or three sentences and then explain how your experience can help you carry out the responsibilities of a strategy consultant.
Final Paragraph Thank the recruiter for reading your cover letter. State that you will get back to them in a week or two or you wish to be scheduled for an interview.
Complimentary Close and Signature Use “Sincerely,” “Respectfully,” or any formal complimentary closing. Do not forget to attach your written signature to boost your integrity.

Proofread Your Cover Letter

After writing your cover letter, check it for grammar, construction, spelling, and punctuation errors. Better yet, ask a friend or a professional to reread it for you. He or she can give you honest and objective feedback.

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