Where to Get Inspiration for Your Consulting Career

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The creative man

Vying for a position at any management consulting firm is not an easy job. The recruitment process is tough and your competitors are highly qualified. When you feel that the odds of being invited to an interview are against you, take a breather and look for some inspiration on the web.

Here are some websites that can provide you with a daily dose of inspiration and motivation, and some nuggets of wisdom that can encourage you to manage your challenges optimistically.


At TED.com, you will find a collection of talks given by influential people such as Bill Gates, Larry Page, Al Gore, Malcolm Gladwell, and other Nobel Prize winners. Each video contains innovative ideas on technology, design, entertainment, science, global issues, and business, among others. In addition, you will hear stories about how professionals succeed in their careers, ideas that you may use once you become a consultant, and simple tips on how to live life to the fullest.

Let’s Talk About Work

Founded by Mary-Frances Winters, letstalkaboutwork.tv offers practical advice, motivation, and guidance for personal and professional development. It posts daily inspirational quotes that can get your work day started on a positive note. It also publishes work-related blog posts that help  employees resolve issues with their boss or colleagues and conducts polls where you can share your ideas on relevant issues.

Marie Forleo

Marieforleo.com is the personal blog of Marie Forleo, a marketing and lifestyle expert who helps everyone live rich, happy, and hot. Most of her blogs contain a video of her interviewing an influential or successful person. At times, she provides practical advice for questions raised by her viewers or readers. In her posts, she encourages reader interaction by asking a question  about your career, preferences, business, or life in general.

Goins Writer

Goinswriter.com is the personal blog of Jeff Goins, a writer, speaker, creative coach, and consultant. He writes about dreams, art, careers, decisions, business, and other topics that will help you become an effective person. What you’ll love about his ideas is the fact that they are presented in a very simple manner. Readers remember his tips because they are easy to apply.


Careershifters.org is a website for professionals who want a change in their career. Its authors aim to help readers escape from their dead-end or unfulfilling jobs by gathering expert ideas on how to find a new profession that brings you to life. It explores the reasons that keep you from following your calling and provides you with tools on how to land your dream job. It also features the stories of professionals who successfully shifted from one career to another.


On zenhabits.net, Leo Babauta proves that less is more. He believes there is happiness and productivity in finding simplicity and clearing the clutter. Each week, he features a few articles on motivation and inspiration, frugality, goals, health and fitness, among others. This uncopyrighted blog may have no images, but the simple yet powerful content is more than enough.


Many consider lifehack.org as one of the premier productivity and lifestyle blogs on the Internet. It provides advice, resources, and tips to help you perform tasks efficiently and effectively. It contains sensible articles and provides quotes on communication, lifestyle, money, technology, work, productivity, and relationships.

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