Why Work at McKinsey?

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Have you been thinking about working at a top-tier consulting firm like McKinsey? What benefits would you get from your experience at this world-renowned organization? A career in management consultancy offers numerous opportunities and advantages. To help you answer the question, “Why work at McKinsey?” or at any other esteemed firm, we have provided some of the top benefits:


In consulting, generally no two days are alike. Consultants help different organizations achieve, sustain, and regain their hold on their respective markets. They work with organizations from various sectors to explore growth opportunities, solve operational problems, and more. In other words, you’ll never get bored as there’s always a new challenge or issue to resolve. As a McKinsey consultant, you’ll be exposed to a diversity of situations and projects, which is one of the greatest benefits of working for a top firm.

Develop Strong Communication and Influencing Skills

Impressive analytical skills are not the only capabilities you can hone in your consulting career. As a consultant at a top firm, you’ll develop strong communication, presentation, and influencing skills. Consultants present their ideas to different types of people, and if you work at McKinsey, you’ll likely present to executives from global enterprises. In the process, a consultant gains confidence in communicating and presenting ideas.

Generous Compensation

Another good answer to the question, “Why work at McKinsey?” is the generous compensation. In general, consultants receive a more competitive pay rate than do full- time workers in other industries. Consultants have a very specific skill set, and big corporations are willing to pay a premium for the services of consultants who work at top-tier firms.

Development Opportunities

Another great benefit of working at McKinsey is the opportunity for growth and development. McKinsey is known to provide their consultants with extensive formal and informal mentoring. The firm often conducts reviews every six months or at the end of a consulting engagement, which help consultants improve their performance. In addition, McKinsey is also known to offer extensive career counseling to its consultants.

Networking Opportunities

Consultants from top firms work for multiple companies around the world. Working at  McKinsey will provide you access to a massive amount of information about the operations of numerous global companies. You’ll gain an exclusive understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the organizations you work for. And most importantly, you’ll have countless opportunities to build new contacts across different industries. This knowledge along with a quality network will be extremely helpful in your future job search or other business endeavor.

Knowledge Sharing

You might ask yourself, “Why work at McKinsey when there are so many other top-tier consulting firms?” McKinsey invests a good amount of money each year in a program called, “Knowledge, Development, and Dissemination.” This includes research, studies, and reports which provide deeper insights into the various industries and corporate functions they serve. As a consultant at a global firm, you’ll have access to these valuable materials, which will provide you with credible data you can use during client conversations and other relevant situations.

Develop a Specialization

Working at a world-renowned firm can help you discover which path suits your goals, background, and interests best. As a consultant, you’ll have the opportunity to choose whether you want to focus on a specific area of expertise or work on a variety of problems among numerous industries. Over time, many consultants develop an expertise in a particular industry or function. This provides another great answer to the question, “Why work at McKinsey”—to help transform and enhance your thought processes while serving a spectrum of global clients.

Global Leadership

At McKinsey, you can take advantage of a legacy of expertise. As a member of a leading management consulting firm, you’ll have many opportunities to work with some of the most successful and prominent leaders in the world. Immersing yourself in this type of  environment will help you imbibe their thoughts and actions. Working within their organizations will help accelerate your growth and advance your career.

Learning from the Best

If you work at a top consulting firm, you’ll benefit from learning from the best. You are likely to work alongside senior colleagues and other accomplished professionals. From them, you’ll be able to acquire feedback and advice on your performance. These experiences will help you succeed in leadership roles as well as help you build a personal network that will support you for the rest of your career.


Perhaps one of the best answers to the question, “Why work at McKinsey?” is instant credibility. Having a name like McKinsey on your professional profile shouts credibility. It’s like getting into an Ivy League school: whether you’re searching for a job, locating startup investors, or looking for other business development opportunities, you’ll definitely benefit from this credential, which will follow you even after you leave the firm.

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