BCG Case Interview

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Case Interview

The BCG case interview process usually consists of three parts: The first part concentrates on your personal background; the second revolves around business cases; and the final part provides you with the opportunity to ask questions about the management consulting giant.

In most cases, BCG applicants spend a few months getting ready for the second part (business cases). This is where your analytical thinking, communication skills, and business knowledge are measured, so the results have a significant bearing on the final hiring decision of the firm. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to prepare for this challenge; some of which are listed below:

Review Practice Cases

Chris Bradford’s historical novel, The Way of the Warrior, says that tomorrow’s victory is today’s practice. You cannot impress the interviewer if you don’t apply this message in your preparation and practice resolving various business cases. To attain success, you should be familiar with real-life business problems in marketing, human resources, strategy, merger and acquisitions, product development, branding, and other areas of BCG consultant expertise.

Apply Consulting Frameworks

Frameworks such as Porter’s Five Forces, Growth-Share Matrix, and the DICE structure help you organize your answers. The problem that will be presented to you may be vague, or you might be given too much information to process within the time restraints. The frameworks will help you determine the necessary steps to take in order to arrive at a sound conclusion. However, during the actual BCG case interview, don’t stick to the frameworks you’ve practiced or learned at school. At times, they may seem relevant but not applicable to the case. Feel free to combine ideas and think outside the box.

Try BCG’s Interactive Online Case

As part of your preparation for the BCG case interview, try the firm’s interactive online case. It illustrates how its consultants handle client assignments. Moreover, it guides you in analyzing facts to come up with sensible recommendations. It consists of four steps:

Step 1 Framing the assignment Based on your understanding of the problem, you will be asked to identify the main topics for further investigation.
Step 2 Investigating and analyzing You will be taught how to ask questions and gather the information you need for analysis.
Step 3 Making your recommendation You will learn to integrate the information you’ve gathered and highlight your main findings in your presentation.
Step 4 Feedback You will receive feedback about your recommendation.

Rehearse with a Friend

Find time to rehearse with a friend or preferably someone who is familiar with the BCG case interview process. This is an excellent way to build your confidence and convey your ideas effectively. Your interview buddy can also provide objective feedback on your logical thinking skills, how you assemble important details, and your verbal and non-verbal messages. You may learn a lot on your own, but a well-known idiom insists that two heads are better than one.

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