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The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) receives thousands of resumes each year, but only a very small percentage are included on the short list. The abundant supply of applicants creates tough competition—a challenge you will face if you dream of breaking into this firm.

Below are some tips on how to craft a BCG resume that creates a positive impact on recruiters:

Think Before Writing

Some applicants get confused when crafting a resume because they skip the most important part—thinking. When you turn on the computer and begin writing, you won’t be able to properly summarize your qualifications if you haven’t done the following:

Research Research the requirements of the vacant position. Visit BCG’s website and network with some of the firm’s consultants.
Self-assessment Think about your experience and qualifications that relate to the job and firm. Without self-assessment, you won’t be able to see yourself as a BCG consultant.
Brainstorming List your accomplishments at school or in your previous jobs.

Without the information above, it’s impossible to create an effective resume structure that will catch the recruiter’s attention.

Look at Examples of Consulting Resumes

The Internet is a great resource of job application materials. If you are clueless on how to begin the resume writing process, refer to examples published on career websites. Read about the best practices for tailoring your BCG resume according to the job specifications and recommended formats and designs. Notice how achievements, skills, and qualifications are presented and follow the format.

However, never copy-paste a generic example into your resume. They may serve as a reference, but you have to write your own.based on your different competencies and credentials. If you commit this mistake, your resume will seem impersonal and won’t create an impact with the reader.

Attend BCG Resume Workshops

BCG representatives sometimes visit universities to conduct workshops. If they visit your school, take the time to attend and network with company officials. When BCG conducted a seminar with the Yale Graduate Student Consulting Club in April 2013, they discussed what they expect to read in resumes, walked through a sample resume, and presented good and bad examples. What strategies could be more practical than those presented by BCG employees themselves?

Integrate What BCG Looks for In Applicants

BCG prefers to hire candidates who possess the following qualities:

Path Finding Ability to deconstruct an ambiguous business situation. Candidates should be decisive, observant, and exercise good business judgment.
Curiosity Adept in asking sensible questions to understand the client’s problem. Candidates should recognize patterns in the challenges that businesses and organizations face.
Leadership Capability to persuasively present facts to others. Candidates should know how to interact with colleagues and clients.
Impact Ability to create an impact on other people. Candidates should have the passion to bring positive change to an organization.

Your qualifications should be presented according to what BCG is looking for. If you were once a student officer, enumerate what you accomplished while in the position. If you conducted an intensive market research in your previous job, highlight this in your experience section because it indicates that you are curious, analytical, and capable of using objective judgment. If you once volunteered for a charitable activity or if you advocate for a good cause, emphasize this on your BCG resume.

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