Strategy Consultant Resume

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Strategy Consultant Resume

A strategy consultant resume summarizes your knowledge and experiences relevant to developing plans and programs for a company or organization. It highlights your achievements and key skills to demonstrate you are the right person for the vacancy. A well-tailored resume often merits an invitation to a phone or personal interview for further assessment.

A strategy consultant resume has at least four parts:

Contact Information

This section comprises of your complete name, home and email addresses, contact numbers, and a link to your online portfolio. Your name must be written in a larger font size than the rest of the text in order for the recruiters to easily remember you. Double check your contact numbers to ensure accuracy. This may seem like an unnecessary reminder but some applicants are rejected because they cannot be contacted.

Objective or Summary

It is advised that recent graduates write a career objective and experienced hires summarize their expertise in a few lines. The objective of a strategy consultant resume contains your specific professional goals. It should avoid statements that are too general because it reflects a lack of direction. A summary states your professional experience, key competencies, and other relevant qualifications. Below are good examples:

Objective To obtain a consulting position where I can develop, improve, and innovate strategies in the transport, oil and gas, and aerospace industries.
Summary Ten successful years in a boutique consulting firm offering strategy, M&A, and private equity services to the food industry. Proven ability in research, analysis, leadership, decision-making, and stress management. Multilingual professional with an MBA degree from the University of Tokyo.


This section must immediately follow the objective if you recently graduated from a college or university. Enumerate the courses that can serve as your foundation for the strategy consulting position. Also include your list of achievements, awards, extra-curricular activities, and GPA, if impressive. If you have previously worked for several companies, this section need not be elaborated as your professional experience is more important.


This section should include a short description of your previous job and a few bullet points highlighting your quantitative achievements. The number of accomplishments conveys how you concretely contributed to your previous company. To illustrate this concept, refer to the example below:

VP Operations | ABC Foods, Inc. | January 2006 to October 2011

Directed the operational activities of a chain of restaurants with the objective of maximizing the company’s growth and profitability. Key achievements include:

    • Created and implemented new sales strategies that increased annual revenue by 12%;
    • Formulated policies and procedures on supply chain, quality control, occupational health, and safety and customer service; and
    • Provided technical training to more than 150 restaurant managers, sales analysts, and marketing officers.

Other Qualifications

You may allocate a section for other details that are relevant to strategy consulting. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Professional affiliations (e.g., Vice-president, International Association of Facilitators–Florida Chapter);
  • Personal interests (e.g., songwriting, marathon, reading); and
  • Community involvement (e.g., Facilitator, Special Needs Camp).

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