Boston Consulting Group: 3 New Offices in 2011

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Boston Consulting Group

On March 24, 2011, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) announced that 2 new offices have opened in Tel Aviv, Israel and Perth, Australia, making its total number of offices 71. Read more about this news.

Additional Office in Israel

There are BCG offices in 41 countries around the world. It is planning for the 72nd world office in Rio de Janeiro, which is likely to open later this year.

According to its 2010 financial report, it has a double-digit growth of 12 percent at constant exchange rates and stellar revenue of $3.05 billion. BCG made proactive actions in increasing its employees by eight percent despite the gloomy global economy climate, making the total number of staff 4800. According to Hans-Paul Burkner, president and CEO of BCG, the reason behind large-scale recruitment is that “BCG’s strong growth and our growing global footprint are a real tribute to the talent of our people. Even in these volatile times, our people have an outstanding ability to work together with our clients to generate great value, we feel that now is a good time to be expanding so that we can better serve existing clients and more easily reach new ones.”

BCG Offices in Middle East

The opening of Tel Aviv office signifies BCG ambition for Middle East market. The Tel Aviv office establishes the firm’s presence in Israel. It is the third office in the Middle East, the other two being Abu Dhabi office which opened in 2007 and so did Dubai office. When asked why open an office in Israel, Hans-Paul Burkner said that “Tel Aviv is one of the world’s leading innovation hot spots, ranking second behind the U.S. in the number of companies listed on Nasdaq. It is a critical location for serving businesses throughout the Middle East.”

New Office in Australia

Perth is where the 4th office in Australia is located, further expanding the company’s consulting network in Oceania. The earliest BCG offices in Australia were opened in Sydney and Melbourne back in 1990, followed by Canberra in 2009. According to Burkner, Perth broadens and deepens the firm’s presence in Australia, allowing it to work more directly with the important business and government communities there.

Now BCG is looking forward to a third office in South American city Rio de Janeiro, which they also consider as an important strategic stance in the south sphere for new opportunities and impacts.


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