Top 10 Management Consulting Firms in Europe in 2014

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If you are interested in consulting and are currently based in Europe, you might want to know’s (a career website) list of the top consultancies to work for Europe for 2014. As usual, the survey only involved consultants who are currently employed at reputable companies in the industry.

The ranking was based on the combined score of a firm’s overall prestige score with other several factors such as satisfaction, firm culture, compensation, work-life balance, overall business outlook, and promotion policies.

Here’s the list of Vault’s top 10 consulting firms in Europe in 2014.

#1: McKinsey & Company Europe

McKinsey & Company remains unshakeable at no.1. This privately owned management consulting firm also grabbed the first spot for the best consultancy to work for last year, making it perhaps the most prestigious company of its kind. With regard to range of those specialties, they serve almost everything from commodities and natural resources to media and technology. The firm also claims to advise roughly 90 of the top 100 corporations worldwide.

McKinsey professionals also produce works of business scholarship. They have the McKinsey Quarterly, their official journal for tackling issues of management, strategy and finance. The world-renowned firm also operates the McKinsey Global Institute, a research group focused on critical economic trends across continents.

#2: Bain & Company Europe

Since it was founded in 1973, Bain remains to be one of the leading consulting firms all over the world. They now have 50 offices in 32 countries. The firm boasts around 5,400 consultants who help global leaders make the big decisions. This esteemed company has worked with more than two-thirds of the Global 500, as well as with hundreds of non-profits and private equity funds.

Bain was also the very first consulting firm to work with private equity firms. Moreover, they are known for doing extensive pro bono and low bono work, particularly for pressing social issues such as global development and education. They work with Endeavor Global, Teach for America, and Students for these matters.

#3: Booz & Company Europe

Moving up a notch is the company founded by Edwin Booz in 1914. This firm is considered one of the oldest consultancies in the world. The company credits itself for coming up with some revolutionary ideas such as the human capital in the 1940s, the product life cycle in the 1950s, supply chain management in the 1980s, smart customization in the 1990s and, the organizational DNA and Capabilities-Driven strategy.

The highly regarded firm also continues to give heavy importance on research. They regularly publish reports, books, quarterly magazine, and even produce podcasted online talk shows on mergers and acquisitions.

#4: Oliver Wyman Europe

Also climbing up a notch in the list of top 10 best consultancies in Europe to work for is Oliver Wyman. This management consulting business has more than 3,000 consultants in over 50 cities spread across 25 countries.

The firm claims to provide consulting services to numerous Global 1000 companies, as well as to many of the world’s largest financial institutions of Fortune 1000 companies. Oliver Wyman also provides pro-bono consulting services for some non-profit organizations.

#5: Roland Berger Strategy Consultants Europe

Falling two spots from the list is the largest consulting firm to have emerged from Europe. This global strategy consulting does the bulk of its business in Europe. They have 26 of their 51 offices worldwide in the said continent.

In Europe, they cover pretty much the most important markets. They provide service not only to the traditional large markets such as France, Germany and the UK, but to mid-sized markets such as Portugal and Turkey, and smaller markets including Baltics and Croatia. This renowned company has also been involved in many landmark projects in Eastern European countries.

#6: OC&C Strategy Consultants Europe

Retaining the sixth spot is the firm founded by Chris Outram in London in 1987. Most of its services still concentrate in Europe. However, they have been trying to build a stronger presence in the U.S. One of the steps they took to acquire greater access to the American market is merging with Boston-based Callidon Group in 2007.

OC&C takes particular pride in its consumer goods expertise. They are known to provide solutions in these three sections: growth stakes, profitability issues and category management.

#7: A.T. Kearney Europe

This company with humble beginnings now has an unquestionable global reach. They now have offices in about 40 countries worldwide, having around 2,300 consultants. They claim to concentrate on what they call “CEO-agenda concerns”. These concerns include merger, growth and IT strategies, supply chain management, innovation and complexity management, as well as enterprise services transformation.

A.T. Kearney also launched its Vision 2020 to colleagues globally in June 2013. One of their visions is to be the “first choice in providing immediate impact and growing advantage for our clients, our people, and the societies in which we live”.

#8: Simon-Kucher & Partners Europe

Bouncing back to the eight spot is the firm founded by marketing expert, Professor Hermann Simon, in Germany in 1985. Its founder is known as a worldwide leader in pricing consulting. The firm claims to help its clients maximize profits by providing them with tools and recommendations for proper product pricing.

They provide services for 8 of the 10 best-selling drugs in the world, as well as for leaders in consumer products, technology and financial services. Aside from pricing, this esteemed company also assists clients with regard to marketing and sales, and in developing corporate strategies.

#9: Frontier Economics Ltd.

Frontier (Europe) was founded in 1999. They currently employ around 124 consultants across its European offices. This microeconomics consultancy provides economic advice to both public and private sectors. They cater a wide range of industries including energy, environment, financial services, healthcare, media, retailing, transport, and many more.

#10: L.E.K. Consulting Europe

The tenth spot goes to a strategy consulting firm founded in London in 1983. They currently operate in 22 offices around the world. In Europe, they claim to have specialty in a number of major industries, such as aerospace and defense, biopharma and life sciences, energy and private equity, retail and consumer products, industrial products and services, media and entertainment, and transport.

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