Top 25 Management Consulting Firms in Europe 2014

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In the past decade, Europe’s economy has hit notable high points, as well as several low points. Because of this, companies have been on the lookout for new and fresh insights from consulting firms worldwide.

Under these circumstances, consultants have their hands full in providing long-term advice to encourage businesses and consumers to stay active in the market.

25 Most Prestigious Consulting Firms in Europe

#1: McKinsey & Company Europe

McKinsey & Company consistently ranks as the top consulting firm in various regions worldwide. The company’s professional practice covers key concerns of today’s leading businesses in Europe. These fields include risk management, strategy, restructuring and corporate finance. Their services can be applied in major industries such as aviation, transportation, IT and retail.

#2: The Boston Consulting Group, Inc. Europe

With an extensive company profile, The Boston Consulting Group, Inc. Europe consists of high level consultants who are experts in the fields of Biopharmaceuticals, Financial Institutions and Telecommunications. The company hit several milestones in 2013, with the launch of the “Game Changing” program, which aims to align large businesses with current global trends.

#3: Bain & Company Europe

Bain & Company Europe has a reputation for providing quality consulting services due to leaders, such as Keith Bevans, Jenny Davis-Peccoud, Phyllis Yale and Orit Gadiesh, who run the successful firm. The results-driven company easily thrives in the Euro market due to their unwavering practice in the fields of Private Equity, Performance Improvement and IT.

#4: Booz & Company Europe

Booz & Company Europe is a well-established consulting firm that has experienced consistent growth since it started in 1914. The future of the flourishing company is currently under scrutiny as talks about the merger with PwC started in late 2013.

#5: Oliver Wyman Europe

Oliver Wyman has positioned themselves as experts when it comes to the European market. The company currently has a staff composed of mostly European consultants, which enable the firm to effectively handle the thriving businesses in the region. Oliver Wyman Europe covers consulting practices related to Corporate Finance and Restructuring, Health and Life Sciences, Surface Transportation and Value Sourcing.

#6: Roland Berger Strategy Consultants Europe

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants Europe has a number of impressive achievements, one being their entry in the U.S. Association of Management Consulting Firms as the first European-based company in 1980. Since then, the consulting firm is recognized for their practice in the following sectors: environmental technology, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods and public services.

#7: A.T. Kearney Europe

A.T. Kearney Europe’s status in the consulting industry is well-known due to forums such as the Global Business Policy Council. In addition to regularly holding meetings with top CEOs and leaders, the firm provides exemplary consulting advice to a range of businesses in the manufacturing, financial and IT industry.

#8: Mercer Limited Europe

Mercer Limited Europe’s core consulting practices lie in the areas of retirement, health and benefits, and talent. Through these departments, the company is able to address concerns pertaining to workforce communication and human capital. Apart from these fields, the consulting firm provides advice related to pension funds and strategy.

#9: OC&C Strategy Consultants Europe

OC&C Strategy Consultants Europe has numerous high profile clients, as well as small businesses in their portfolio. This allows the influential consulting firm to monitor various industries from key perspectives. The company’s practice primarily revolves around strategy and operations, as they concentrate closely on businesses located around Europe.

#10: PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) International Ltd.

With deep roots in accounting, PricewaterhouseCoopers’ consulting branch offers superior financial and risk management services. The company currently has over 41% of their employees based in Europe. 3M, Sony, Ford and IBM are some of the big name clients PwC has handled.

#11: L.E.K. Consulting Europe

L.E.K. Consulting Europe extends their services to government departments and leading businesses. The company’s practice revolves around marketing and sales, mergers and acquisitions, organizational development and share value management. The firm continuously rolls out new programs to keep their consultants plugged into their respective industries.

#12: Deloitte (European Consulting Practice)

Deloitte reaches out to their European clients through a series of 35 branches in the region. The firm has a reputation for providing top-notch human capital services. This specific type of practice deals with addressing talent concerns using effective business strategies. As a result, company performance and growth are achieved.

#13: EY (Ernst & Young) Consulting Practice Europe

EY (Ernst & Young) Consulting Practice Europe has a long history of success in the consulting industry. The company takes pride in providing advisory services, in the areas of financial, risk, dispute and security. Global companies such as Amazon, Intel and Citigroup have worked with the firm in repositioning themselves as leaders in their respective fields.

#14: Arthur D. Little Europe

With more than 40 years of experience in business related strategies, Arthur D. Little has risen as one of the most reliable firms to date. The company focuses on the following major industries: energy and utilities, manufacturing, consumer goods and private equity.

#14: KPMG (Europe Consulting Practice)

KPMG has numerous offices spread across Europe, over 143 stations in 18 countries. Because of this, the firm is able to focus solely on the European market, with access to first-hand information and accounts. KMPG consulting services are primarily found in the areas of risk management, restructuring and transactions.

#15: Accenture Europe

When it comes to IT-related practices, Accenture has proven to be one of the most versatile in the field. The consulting firm offers a variety of solutions, ranging from cloud integration to sustainability, which can boost the productivity levels of a struggling company. Additionally, the company is easily accessible worldwide with over 200 global offices.

#16: IBM Global Services Europe

Over the years, IBM has made a name for themselves in the IT and electronics industry. Since their notable purchase of PwC’s consulting arm, the company has been in the business of combining their first-hand experience in the industry with effective advisory services.

#17: NERA Economic Consulting Europe

NERA Economic Consulting Europe has some of the top analysts in the world leading the company, including Dr. Lawrence Wu, Dr. Sanghvi and Dr. Frank Maier-Rigaud. The firm makes it a habit to publish the results of their studies in magazines and journals. Public policy, regulation and competition are areas that NERA consultants are experts in.

#18: Capgemini Europe

With experience in working closely with the European Commission, Capgemini Consulting has a unique perspective on the economic state of the European market. The firm applies their practice in the following sectors: Business Process Outsourcing, Procurement, Supply Chain Management and Green IT.

#18: Simon-Kucher & Partners Europe

Simon-Kucher & Partners Europe’s consulting practices deal with setting prices for goods and services. This is done by implementing key business strategies and analyzing relevant industry trends. Adidas, Porsche, LinkedIn, PayPal and BMW are just a few big brand companies that the firm takes pride in serving.

#19: Porsche Consulting GmbH

Porsche’s consulting branch consists of rendering services linked to transformation, reorganization, process optimization and training. The company brings their success from the automotive industry with the same drive in providing top-notch consulting services to growing companies.

#20: BearingPoint

BearingPoint provides consulting services to businesses in the commercial, government and financial sectors. The company specializes in creating personalized solutions through IT services, outsourcing and strategic advisory.

#21: AlixPartners, LLP Europe

AlixPartners built their reputation in the consulting field by rendering corporate turnaround and restructuring services. These days, the company has branched out to offer financial advice and enterprise improvement.

#22: Mars & Co Europe

Troubled businesses in Europe can benefit from Mars & Co’s strategic services. The company’s practice lies in drawing support from all offices worldwide. This means that a client in Los Angeles can easily get additional help from the firm’s branch in Paris. This “one-office” concept has revolutionized the way the company lays out options for their clients.

#23: Gartner, Inc. Europe

Garner, Inc. Europe is a firm that provides IT-related consulting services. The company renders IT strategies to help businesses manage their operations and increase overall performance. Additionally, the firm engages in projects related to cost reduction and risk management.

#24: Marakon Europe

After being acquired by Charles River Associates (CRA) in 2009, Marakon Europe focused on increasing company value. As a result, the firm grew in the following practices: Organic Growth, Risk Management, Execution and Managing for Value.

#25: PA Consulting Group Europe

The London-based consulting firm has plenty to offer to the European market. With extensive experience in security systems, strategy and defense projects, the company continuously works with businesses in highly competitive industries. The firm is currently developing their IT development services, as they look for new ways to serve the needs of their clients.

Creating Opportunities in the Euro Market

Consulting firms have their work cut out for them when it comes to providing advice for businesses that want to stay sustainable in the unpredictable market. The current conditions are ideal for firms to stand out and create new strategies that will be able to address the key concerns of big brands, small businesses and government departments.

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