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The field of management consulting industry can be intimidating for some applicants. They think it’s too astounding to be even tried. If you feel the same way, read this article to find out where you can start your consulting endeavor. has a few years of intensive experience in dealing with aspiring consultants through reviewing their resumes and answering their inquiries. Based on our needs and aspirations, the team came up with a free e-book on How to Land a Job in Management Consulting. It aims to help you get started by giving you a view from 30,000 feet. Download it after reading this post and enjoy the following benefits:

Know the Six Success Factors in Management Consulting

The success factors are part of the criteria recruiters use when they’re screening applicants. Each firm may be eyeing those who are a good match for their work culture and goals, but these factors are never omitted from their standard qualifications. Knowing what these are leads to three advantages. First, you will be able to ponder if consulting job is meant for you. Second, you can use it in writing a winning resume. Third, if you make it to the interview rounds, this will guide you in the way you answer the interviewer.

Be Acquainted with the Consulting Recruitment Process

Management consulting firms have different ways of screening and hiring applicants. Some may use numerical reasoning tests while others just proceed with case study interviews after resume assessment. With this fact, the e-book comprehensively explains the steps you’ll take in landing your dream job. It also includes tips and guidelines for you to stand out amongst other applicants. It has even included the types of questions that will be possibly thrown to you during case interviews.

Learn How to Do Well During Interviews

The consulting case interview is the most critical aspect of the recruitment process. As a response to this challenge, the e-book provides a detailed explanation on how to prepare for it. It briefly discusses the importance of case frameworks, the practical ways of enhancing mental math and the steps on how to resolve a business problem. For your additional reference, it also explains how you must physically present yourself to the interviewer. It includes a case example review, too, so you can imagine what it would be like to face an interviewer.

It will just take you about a minute to download the e-book and about an hour to go through it. Within a short period of time, you can get a picture on how you’ll maneuver your consulting dream. As a result, you will be confident in submitting your application to huge management consulting firms, such as Monitor, Mercer and BCG.

There are also two other e-books that might interest you. One explains in detail how to write consulting cover letters and resumes. The other will make you a master in using frameworks during interviews. At an affordable price, you will have additional references in pursuing your career. We are willing to refund your money should the e-books fail to satisfy you!